Team17, in partnership with indie developer Radiation Blue, have announced a new sci-fi titiel in Genesis Alpha One, coming to PC and console.

The game seeks to incorporate FPS, survival, and base-building elements into its gameplay. Players take charge of the future of humanity after Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. This mission carries you out to the stars and beyond as players explore “a huge, randomised galaxy filled with adventure and peril” in the hopes of finding a new home for the human race.

The plot of Genesis Alpha One may be all too familiar for those of you seasoned sci-fi gamers, though the experience of Team17, along with the experience of members of Radiant Blue – who have worked on titles including Hitman: Blood Money and Spec ops: The Line, may mean that Genesis could become a real competitor to the Mass Effect series.

With no release date specified, only time will tell if Genesis Alpha One can deliver on the large list of things it promises but going on the trailer and screenshots, it does look promising.