With the imminent release of Nintendo newest Switch console, The developer has revealed an exciting line-up of games on Nintendo eShop for day one and beyond. Nintendo has been working closely with independent publishers and developers to deliver a steady flow of unique and original experiences to Nintendo eShop.

More than 60 quality indie games are confirmed for Nintendo Switch this year alone, and many games take advantage of unique Nintendo Switch features, including multiple play modes (TV mode, handheld mode, tabletop mode), flexible control options, local and online multiplayer, and innovative Joy-Con functionality like HD rumble. In a Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase video, Nintendo highlighted some of these games that are in development.

Along with Nintendo Switch exclusives and timed exclusives, here’s a handy list of indies coming to Switch:

Runner3 from Choice Provisions will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch this autumn.

SteamWorld Dig 2 from Image & Form Games will be available this summer.

Yooka-Laylee from Team17 and Playtonic Games is coming to Switch soon, with multiplayer functionality built for the system.

Blaster Master Zero from Inti Creates will be available exclusively on both Switch and 3DS on 9th March.

Pocket Rumble from Chucklefish Games and Cardboard Robot Games: This deep 2D fighter is scheduled to launch as a console exclusive for Switch in March.

Flipping Death from Zoink Games. This puzzling adventure game is scheduled to come to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Mr. Shifty from tinyBuild and Team Shifty is scheduled to launch first on Nintendo Switch this April.

WarGroove from Chucklefish Games will launch later this year.

Stardew Valley from Chucklefish Games and ConcernedApe: will release sometime this summer for Switch with additional multiplayer features.

Shakedown Hawaii from vBlank is considering the 16-bit spiritual successor to Retro City Rampage and launches first on Nintendo Switch this April.

Graceful Explosion Machine from Vertex Pop releases next month.

Tumbleseed from aeiowu will launch on Switch this spring.

Overcooked: Special Edition from Team17 and Ghost Town Games is coming later this year.

The Escapists 2 from Team17 is coming sometime later this year.

GoNNER from Raw Fury and Art In Heart launches first on Nintendo Switch with additional content tailor-made for the console later this year.

Kingdom: Two Crowns from Raw Fury and Noio. The game is scheduled to launch later this year.

Dandara from Raw Fury and Long Hat House is coming to the Switch this summer with exclusive features and functionality, including HD rumble support.

To access Nintendo eShop, a system update that will be available on launch day is required. The system update downloads in the background, is designed to install quickly and doesn’t disrupt gameplay.

Users can purchase the games on Nintendo’s website and have them download directly to their Nintendo Switch console at home or on the go, wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection.