New online features are coming to Toukiden 2, the popular demon-hunting RPG. Slated for a March 24 release on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC, Toukiden 2 will offer rich online environments in which Slayers can team up to take on the ferocious demons known as Oni.

Apart from the main storyline missions delivered from the Holy Mount, players can explore an immense open world and encounter other Slayers for cooperative Joint Operations. By aiding those in need a variety of rewards become available in the form of weaponry, armour and new Mitama, as well the opportunity to form a party. Those playing offline can carry out Joint Operations by meeting doppelgangers, the ghost data of their friends, which offer the same functionality as human companions.

As with the first game in the series, players will be able to team up in multiplayer lobbies; though this time there will be little extras to help other players around the world. Accessing the Reliquaries dotted around the landscapes players will be able to donate item that will aid other fellow players. Donating items will return something of equal value, allowing Slayers to unite and aid each other in a way which is never previously possible.

Finally, pre-order bonuses are available from select retailers before launch, including the Tenko Costume armour, which allows Slayers to dress up as their fluffy partners, and the Sanada Masayuki, Sanada Nobuyuki, Sarutobi Sasuke and Chiku Rin In Mitama help bolster player’s skills and abilities, aiding them on their Oni-slaying adventures.

With only two weeks until launch a new trailer can be found below to wet your appetite before the game drops.