The new Yo Kai Watch has arrived for Europe on Nintendo 3DS, with multiplayer and new mysteries aplenty.

This highly-anticipated sequel is set to capture the imaginations of both existing fans and newcomers alike, with a new season of the anime and range of toys to look forward to.

The beloved gameplay returns in the sequel, as players take control of Nate or Katie and explore Springdale to investigate a series of curious occurrences. Stakes are high as a pair of sinister Yo-kai are determined to steal the Yo-kai Watch and bring havoc to the town. Uncover the plot, and travel sixty years into the past – exploring a past version of Springdale, and being entrusted with the original Yo-kai Watch.

Pick sides in the Yo-kai world, and join either the Bony or the Fleshy army, depending on what version of the game you choose; Bony Spirits or Fleshy Souls. Players can participate in the Bony Spirits/Fleshy Souls rivalry by winning online battles and earning points to help their chosen side emerge victorious. Each of the two versions of the game includes five exclusive and unique Yo-kai, which can be traded locally and online.

The first print-run edition of Yo-kai Watch 2 also includes a medal which unlocks a unique Soultimate Move for Jibanyan, with a different move for each version of the game. There’s also a demo on the e-shop if you want to try before you buy!