Hi guys! And welcome to this week’s One Hour Tour! Sorry about last week. Had a few personal things to attend to, but I’m back this week and hopefully for the foreseeable future.

Now this week, I will take through a playthrough of 1989’s Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES. Capcom released this week The Disney Afternoon Collection which includes a handful of games from Disney’s hayday of TV cartoons.

Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers was easily my favorite TV show as a kid and the game was among one of my most rented games. I remember playing it during rainy days. So many memories of a simpler times. But I digress.

For someone who hasn’t played it in over 10 years, I think I did pretty well. Until that final level where I got my ass handed to me. A few deaths were caused by carelessness, but overall I’m satisfied with this first run in a long time. I will definitely try to beat this time.

In the meantime, enjoy my trip through time!