It’s a a few years since the Kickstarter campaign launched in late 2015. Way back when, there was a tentative release timetable for the following Fall. In order to give players a true Jason like experience, Gun Media made the tough decision to delay the game to Early 2017, which meant anywhere between January and April. Well with the end of “Early 2017” on the horizon, gamers and backers alike where starting to wonder if the game would suffer another delay.

Well wonder no more as Gun Media finally confirmed the game’s release date! And it’s pretty soon. Friday the 13th will be available on May 26th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

And if you missed it, Gun Media also posted a new trailer, yesterday, giving a full glimpse at the Jason skin designed by the master of horror, Tom Savini, which was briefly available as a pre-order add-on earlier this month:

See you guys at Camp Higgins next month!