After the massive success of the latest Zelda title – Breath of the Wild – Nintendo are looking to take advantage of the success with the first double batch of DLC for the game. The two expansions can only be purchased as a bundle, costing £18/€20. Players will also receive a free update that allows you to hear the games audio in a variety of different languages, including Japanese, whilst keeping the text dialogue in English.

At the moment only details for one-half of the DLC have been disclosed. The “Master Sword Trials” introduces a Hard Mode to the game, a battle arena setup called “The Trial of the Sword” in which players progress through a series of battles starting without armour. The DLC also includes new equipment inspired by previous Zelda titles, a travel medallion that allows you to teleport to a location with ease, and a “Hero’s Path Mode” which allows players to keep track of their movement for the last 200 hours of gameplay.

The information given for the first DLC, which will arrive in the summer, seems thoroughly underwhelming. Its features seem at odds with the price tag and probably should be a part of the free update for players. The second half of the DLC is scheduled to arrive in winter and, hopefully, it will offer more substantial content for players.