Interested in the meaning of each “X,” in “4X?” In the run up to Endless Space 2, the grand-scale sci-fi strategy game that launches next week, Amplitude Studios have released a new video, talking about eXpand.

The second video in the “4X,” series of trailers, showcasing the meaning of each “X,” (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate), this elaborates on the meaning of “eXpand,” in the Endless Universe, showing how players go from small colonies to galactic empires through thoughtful (and sometimes violent) expansion.

Discover habitable worlds, send colony ships out to take over said worlds, then generate resources to continually grow and enhance your empire. Send warships out to defend your home, or assault the planets held by your opponents and make them yours, whilst playing through eight factions alone or against your friends.

The game is currently available via Early Access on Steam, and will release in full on May 19, 2017.