Coatsink Games has some good and bad news for Shu players.

First, the good news. PS4 players will be happy to know that free DLC will be available tomorrow, on May 23rd. The content includes six new levels; three of which were launched on Steam last month. PC players will receive an update which includes the remaining levels. These levels use the same villagers you find in the main game but will be collected in a different order:

  • Beneath the Ruins
  • No Turning Back
  • Depths of Discovery
  • Chase Through Chambers
  • Deep Dash
  • Conquering the Caverns

Now for the bad news. Coatsink Games made the difficult decision to delay the Vita version of Shu due to unforeseen technical issues which they’ve been working around the clock to resolve. The EU release date has been pushed to May 30th while the North American and Japan dates will be announced at a later time. The PSVita version will include the all-new DLC levels plus the exclusive trophy area: The Refuge.