Pokken Tournament DX will also feature in Nintendo’s tournament being held at E3


Nintendo has announced that Pokken Tournament DX will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and we’ll get a look at it in action at E3 2017.

Pokken Tournament will join the latest title releases for the Switch in ARMS and Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo tournaments which pits players and members of the Nintendo team against each other.

The new version of the Pokémon fighting game will come as disappointing news to some fans, who were hoping for a return to the RPG style of games. However, the updated version of Pokken Tournament will feature five new pokes… so, yay? The new fighters will include Scizor and Empoleon who come from generations three and four of the Pokémon series.

We’ll also get to see more of Super Mario Odyssey and a bit more of what the Switch is capable of during Nintendo’s E3 conference. You’ll be able to watch the entire Nintendo conference via their Twitch channel between June 13-15.