The DLC is called ‘Frozen Wilds’ and it’s… ice to see

At today’s Sony  E3 2017 Press conference, we got a glimpse of the new Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, the Frozen Wilds. The trailer gave us only a glimpse of what’s in store, as we see the usual forest landscape covered in snow. No specific date has been given yet, just a 2017 time frame.

Based on what is shown in the trailer, the Frozen Wilds will take Aloy into a whole new area of the game as she tries to uncover some answers from a mountain which will be a difficult conversation to watch unfold.

Expect some resistance on your journey as Aloy must overcome an unknown beast that guards this tight-lipped mountain, and you can probably expect to come across some new enemies in the DLC too.

As yet, there’s no specific release date, though the trailer touts a 2017 release.