Shortly after the E3 shenanigans came to a close, Iron Galaxy’s Executive Producer, Derek Neal, released the debut gameplay trailer for their new project: Extinction. The video gives us a first look at the world setting and gameplay for the Killer Instinct developer’s new title.

The game features a vibrant world invaded by Ravenii, giant ogre like creatures hellbent on destroying the world. The planet’s oly hope, Avil, the last of the legendary order of Sentinels, the only warriors able to take down the giant enemies. Avil must use the tools and skills at this disposal to save humanity.

The fast gameplay emphasises high-speed traversal around the environment. The protagonist can dash in any direction, run horizontally and vertically along surfaces, cling to walls, pull himself up ledges, traverse his environment with his whip. He can run on virtually anything, including buildings, mountainsides, and even all over his colossal foes.

Attack-wise, Avil can chain attacks together in a variety of ways, as well as cancel his attacks into powerful Rune Strikes and dodges. His momentum builds up as he kills minions, dismembers ogres, saves civilians, and completes other objectives.

Extinction is currently planned for an early 2018 release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.