The Pokémon Company International released a new update for Pokémon GO included revamped gyms. They also revealed that they will bring additional updates throughout the summer including one which will add a new cooperative feature: Raid Battles. All updates for Pokémon GO are free to all users.

Gyms are going through a major update to make ownership more collaborative and encourage players to visit friendly Gyms to engage with them in a variety of ways. Trainers will also receive Gym Badges (mementos of adventures) that they can level up to earn rewards and bonus items.

Through the new update, gyms will now offer six permanent slots for the controlling team and the opposing teams will battle in order they were assigned. There’s also a new Motivation system which introduces an interactive factor that influences the Pokémons Combat Power (CP). As they accumulate hits and defeats, Pokémons will lose motivation which will lower their effective CP. Thankfully, fellow Trainers can offer Pokémon Berries to keep them motivated.

In the coming weeks, a new update will introduce a new co-op gameplay experience: Raid Battles. Players will be able to team up in order to hunt and take down stronger Pokémons known as Raid Bosses. These special battles are in-game timed events which will take over a gym.

To learn more about the latest updates and upcoming content, feel free to head over to the official Pokémon GO blog.