Mabinogi Duel, the addictive and visually stunning tactical mobile trading card game from NEXON Korea Corporation has partnered with the legendary Japanese developer, Arc Systems Works to launch the ‘Guilty Gear Collaboration’. 

Released in 2015, Mabinogi Duel lets Trading Card Gamers go head to head with players from across the globe. The Guilty Gear Collaboration welcomes 33 beautifully designed Guilty Gear booster cards into the game. Expect to see fan favourites such as ‘Sol Badguy’, ‘Dizzy’, ‘May’, and ‘Jam Kuradoberi’, as well as many more. 

When these cards are in play, gamers can re-live classic dialogue and storylines from the legendary Guilty Gear franchise.

To celebrate the launch, main characters from the Guilty Gear series will be added to Mabinogi Duel as Hero Skins, a new PVE Event will be opened and numerous commemoratory in-game events will take place where players can get their hands on a tonne of rewards, such as Gems, Tickets and Boosters.

Mabinogi Duel is available to download from the App Store and Google Play, today.