Daybreak Games have released a massive game update for H1Z1, including team scoring, Pre-Season 5, three new POIs, revamped gas mechanics, and more – read on below…

  • Team scoring and leaderboards: Players will now receive a score for both themselves and each of their teammates, in duos and fives. That team score goes up whenever a team member gets a kill or assist, or when a full team gets eliminated. Players can see individual kills and assists for all team members at the end of the match.
  • Dynamic gas ring system:  Final rings utilise the entire map in the new design for the gas ring system. Matches can now end almost anywhere on the map, rather than just the middle, ensuring fights in rarely visited locations, like the dam. The spawn system has been updated accordingly, to ensure players don’t start any game too far away from the end.
  • UI Improvements: New UI updates make it easier to find groups, by including a list of players that were recently grouped with, identify the group leader, and allow players to stay together with a pick-up group. There’s also now a new tab to make it easier to discover Skirmishes and other in-game events.
  • New POIs: Three new major landmarks have been added to the world map: Coy’s Car Salvage, Ponyvale Equestrian Estates, and Emerald Hydra, Site 7.
  • Vehicle Updates: Vehicles have a more defined roles in the game. Hill-climb throttling has been removed from the Off-Roader, making it the best performing vehicle on rocky terrain, whilst the pick-up truck now takes zero damage and slowdown from running through destructible objects.
  • Laminated armour spawns: The spawn rate of laminated armour has been reduced, and better dispersed to make them rarer. They’ve also been added as a guaranteed item in airdrop crates.
  • “Pleasant Valley Nightmare,” Skirmish: A new, limited-time skirmish will be playable on the weekends. Set at night, this skirmish starts with the gas already advanced around Pleasant Valley, which means that the matches will play out much faster.


More detailed information can be found in the update notes. You can play H1Z1 on Windows PC through Steam Early Access.