SEGA have today announced a new branch of Total War games – “A Total War: Saga.” These games will focus on a specific point in history, unlike previous games in the series such as Rome, Shogun, and Medieval, though anything specific has yet to be announced.

Total War Saga

It’ll be out before the next major historical release in the franchise, and just what can be expected by fans is over on the Total War Blog by Jack Lusted, Game Director of the first upcoming Total War Saga title. As with previous titles, Saga will focus on pivotal flashpoints in those eras, such as civil wars, renowned conquests and political upheavals.

Much like Fall of The Samurai (the standalone follow up to SHOGUN II), the first game will continue on from ROME II and ATTILA, giving players a fresh and exciting challenge in a specific geographical area. We actually reviewed ROME II a while back, so check it out while you’re waiting for the new game!

So far, we only know it’s out on PC – we’ll bring more info as we get it.