ZeniMax Online Studios has detailed Update 15 for The Elder Scrolls Online along with detailing the next add-on to be available in August. The Horns of the Reach DLC will be available via the in-game Crown Store and as part of the Elder Scrolls Online Plus membership while Update 15 will be free for everyone.

The Horns of the Reach add-on will bring two new dungeons:

  • Bloodrot Forge
  • Falkreath Hold

Feel free to check out the official Horns of the Reach announcement.

While the next big title update, simply dubbed Update 15, will add a handful of new improvements:

  • New Battlegrounds PvP Map: Arcane University
  • New Battlegrounds PvP Mode: Chaosball (only available to players who own The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind)
  • Research Cancelling
  • Guild Invite History
  • Currency System Updates
  • Customizable Combat Cues
  • New Homes and Furnishings for Homestead
  • Bug fixes and Balance changes