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With the average mobile phone user checking their phone 150 times each day, and 80% of students in a recent survey saying that they actually felt some jealousy when someone else held their phone, the love affair we have with our smartphones is growing as fast as the technology that it houses.

In fact over 90% of us say that we feel almost undressed when we forget to take our smartphones out with us, and many of us are happy to be late for an appointment in order to go back to pick the device up.

So why are we more attached to our smartphones than say our tablets, and why if we lose our smartphone do we become depressed and even suffer panicky feelings?

Tablets just don’t appear to trigger these intense emotions even though they have everything needed for them to be classified as mobile devices, in fact the tablet seems to be used more as an in-home device, lending itself well to cross device usage, and those that have a smartphone too do not spend any less time on their phones than those that only own a smartphone.

What is certain is that behaviours turn into habits when they become automatic, and this includes checking Facebook or emails without even thinking.  Just as we lock our doors automatically, smartphone users will find themselves with their smartphones in their hands without even remembering taking them out of a pocket or bag.

Smartphones help us to feel good, and so we return to that feeling repeatedly. So, if you are playing a game at say an online bingo site like, that feeling of being linked with friends, enjoying a laugh and a game can be very pleasurable, and that positive feedback encourage us to return to our smartphone to find that fix again.

In fact more people are using their smartphones to have a bet or wager instead of waiting to get home to use their laptops or desktops, and this has led to the sales of home computers reducing in favour of the smartphone.

Smartphones have become so integrated into our lives that they are now the ‘must have’ fashion accessory, and designer protective cases can cost far more than the phone itself.  Personalising our phones making them into unique pieces of portable kit is now helping to define us, and our individuality.

As technology advances so do the expectations of smartphone users, and right now the future seems rosy, portable and very smart.