The Titanfall 2 update also brings maps new and old!

The latest update for Titanfall 2 will arrive on Tuesday, July 25 – and with it, players will be able to work together to fend off waves of enemies in Frontier Defence.

The re-introduction of the game mode will see players fighting against waves of increasingly difficult enemies in a bid to protect their precious homeland.

The mode will reward players with unique equipment for their Titans, at the moment whatever equipment this is will only apply to Frontier Defence – though Respawn haven’t ruled out the mods applying to all modes at a later date.

The update will also bring back the sort-of-lives map Rise, which will offer players a map sprawled with tight parallel walls for you to bounce between before getting melted in mid-air.

You’ll also be getting a new Live Fire Map in the form of Township, which looks more than a little similar to one of the standout segments of the campaign mode from Into the Abyss.

If you still haven’t given Titanfall 2 a chance yet – you really should. According to Polygon, you’ll have a chance to play for free this weekend from Friday, July 28 to Sunday, July 30, as Respawn are giving away yet another free trial of the game, so there’s no excuse!