Former devs of Hitman will release Echo for PC and PS4 on September 19

Well, IO Interactive as we knew it may be gone, but the team who made it what it is haven’t taken a break as the new Ultra Ultra studio announced the release date of their new sci-fi adventure title: Echo.

Coming out on September 19 for PC and PS4, players will take on the role of En, after arriving on a mythical planet with hopes that she can revive an unknown figure.

Players will face a different kind of challenge in Echo, as the building you manoeuvre reacts to your play style. Meaning that if you’re a stealthy kind of player, the game will react to that, just as if you’re a shoot first, explore later type, you’ll face a different kind of challenge – probably one that will see you respawning quite a few times.

What makes Echo a rather intriguing title is that all the enemies you face are copies of En, manufactured by the building to fully muderise En and her attempts to revive the mystery person. These ‘Echoes’ – see what they did? Are the primary ways in which the building attempts to stop your progress, as they become stealthier or more bloodthirsty as you do.

We’ve been given a bit of information on events in the game called ‘Blackouts’ in which the building recalls its copies of En to update their AI, what you are able to do during these moments of calm remains to be seen though it poses an interesting moment for the game.

From the trailer, you can see how the environment and mechanics of Hitman reverberate throughout the early footage of Echo, whether or not this will play a major role in the game remains to be seen.

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