Turn out the lights and turn on that ‘eery’ D&D music. American McGee is back with Out of the Woods – a tabletop card game, book and series of art prints, that won’t ever let you sleep again.

American McGee is no stranger to twisted fairy tales. Most notably (and arguably) his take on Alice in Wonderland, in American McGee’s Alice and the original Grimm Fairy Tales, in American McGee’s Grimm are some of the most twisted and disturbing horror games in recent years.

The premise is simple, get rid of all of your cards and run like hell! The player who’s still holding cards won’t live to tell the tale.

During their turn, the player is also able to manipulate the field by using a series of Action Cards. With the right cards and combinations, success is only a draw away. The gameplay is simple and a fantastic way to introduce someone to the world of table-top.

Alongside the card game, a book and set of art prints will also accompany the series. The book is much more than a usual art book. It also includes a set of 10 unique takes on old fairy tales, Including; Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard and Cinderella. All written in collaboration with R.J. Berg, the writer behind the Alice series.

The artwork speaks for itself. Beautifully charismatic and disturbingly charming. These would give any man-cave a disturbing quality.

You can learn more about the game and American McGee by checking out the Kickstarter project.