You’ll also get a new Lucioball map and a bunch of new loot

Get ready players, because Overwatch’s Summer Games are returning to console and PC on August 8 and running through to August 29! If this is your first run-in with the Overwatch Summer Games then you can get a sneak peek of what’s in store below – sort of, a lot of it is some guy telling you stuff… Enjoy!

With a return of the 3v3 Lucioball modes, players will be only playing as – and against – teams of Lucio in a strange game of gun-football that I think we’d all like to watch. Blizzard have also announced that Sydney will be added as a new map to the Lucioball map, rotating between the Rio and Sydney stadiums.

The Summer Games also brings a whole new load of cosmetic for players who have the credits, with legendary skins available for 1000 credits, Epic skins going for 250 credits, and rare and common tiers available and 75 and 25 credits respectively. I mean, it’d make more sense for loot to be things that you find, you know is – for free… but whatever, paying for prizes is just as rewarding… probably… probably not.

For those of you who are a little light credit-wise, the cosmetics from Summer Games 2016 will also be available at a reduced price – don’t say Blizzard doesn’t do anything for you.

Overwatch’s Summer Games kick off on August 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – will you be joining in? Or are you all looted out for a bit? Let us know on Twitter @GGSGamer – just tweet “I’m all looted out.” We’ll know what you mean.