New modes and stages kind of make it a new game! Except it’s a new game that you’ve already played!


Nostalgia, it’s a beautiful and dangerous thing, like a platypus. And in the lead up to the latest nostalgia fest – Sonic Mania – SEGA have announced that the game will have a new Time Attack mode, along with bonus and special stages.

The new bonus stages set players the challenge of collecting a whole load of blue balloons, the challenge is that all the blue ones are surrounded by other balloons and so you’ll have to use a little bit of puzzle-solving avoid them.

We also got to see portions of the new special stages in which players chase down UFO’s – because Sonic was always an alien hunter, you just forgot – with the chance to gain extra speed by collecting blue balloons to fill your Mach gauge. Though, as your Mach gauge increases, the speed of the level does as well, adding an extra challenge to the new stages.

The new Time Attack mode will probably get the attention of most players returning to Sonic, as world rankings for completion times, though SEGA have yet to confirm whether these leader boards will be across all platforms or if there will be separate rankings for each console.

The latest news for Sonic Mania comes just in time as the August 15 release date for PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC is getting pretty close! So, are you excited for Sonic’s grand return? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @GGSGamer – and if you think you’ve read a story similar to this in the past four days, well – that’s nostalgia for you… or something.