Humble Bundle has teamed up with independent developer GUTS Department in order to bring Aegis Defenders to PS4 next winter. The game is already set for a Mac and PC release later this year. Aegis Defenders is a unique Metroidvania-style 16-bit action-platformer which adds tower defense mechanics.

As Ruinhunters Bart and his granddaughter Clu, players will have the opporunity to explore ancient ruins in search of the one thing that can save their world from certain doom: a legendary weapon known as Aegis. Bart, a machinist, and Clu, a skilled hunter, must team up in order to save the planet and destroy the evil Empire.

Aegis Defenders is a love letter to classic adventure games that myself and many other members of GUTS grew up playing on the original PlayStation,” said Bryce Kho, Aegis Defenders’ Creative Director. “Releasing our game on the PlayStation platform is a dream come true, and we’re honored to share space with some of the game industry’s most iconic titles.

John Polson, Humble Bundle publishing lead, added: “Humble is incredibly proud of the team’s accomplishment, and we hope to continue to be the helping hand that guides independent developers and their must-play games like Aegis Defenders to as many gamers and across as many platforms as possible.

Aegis Defenders is coming to fruition thanks to a successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign where the project earned over $145 000.