Think of how good Noctis’ hair will be…


Now, I’m not some fancy big-city PC player, but even I know that when a game is played on a decent PC, the graphics look pretty good – so good in fact, that you end up looking at your trustworthy PS4 with a certain degree of disdain. And so, when Square revealed that their highly acclaimed Final Fantasy XV is set for 2018 PC release, it’s fair for you to be excited.

The PC release of the game will arrive in its complete form, including all the latest free and season pass content of the game. Final Fantasy XV will take advantage of the 4K and 8K capabilities of PCs, whilst it’ll also support HDR players. So, theoretically, as long as you have a decent gaming PC – you should be good to go.

The PC release will also take advantage of NVIDIA software, allowing for far more dynamic and free-flowing movement of fire, smoke, water, and hair – and though I still haven’t played FF15, I do know that hair is fundamental in any Final Fantasy game.

If, like me, you still haven’t played it why not check out our review from Viki and Jay? Neither of them enjoyed it that much – and Viki even went on to slag off the game in a whole other article that you can check out.

It’s true that Final Fantasy XV didn’t get received well initially, but the action taken by Square retroactively seems to have won over a lot more people, so whether it’s another notch in your Final Fantasy games completed, or the first time you’re jumping into one – it’s got to be worth a shout just to see how good it looks on a PC – right?