Preorders for the Xbox One X have now gone live, and you’ll be able to enjoy more than 130 new and existing games enhanced for the console, including Far Cry 5, L.A. Noire, Greedfall, and Okami HD.

Xbox One X

Microsoft’s partners are also pretty excited about the new console, as you can see below:

“It’s a crazy powerful box. [Shadow of War on Xbox One X] will be the prettiest possible version of the game [among consoles]. We have some dev kits which also load a lot faster. While in development it’s extra nice to load a giant world in a matter of seconds so we can iterate faster. But it will also have faster loading times for players.” – Bob Roberts, Middle-earth: Shadow of War Design Director, as quoted in **GamesRadar+

“The experience of the game is the same across all of the different platforms. We try to make sure the game shines on every platform the best it can. Having said that, the Xbox One X version is absolutely the most beautiful version.” – Ashraf Ismail, Assassin’s Creed Origins Game Director, as quoted in **WeWriteThings


“Bringing a PC game to Xbox, Microsoft makes it really easy…So it really just comes down to making the gameplay good. And especially on Xbox One X, two hours after we got the dev kit it was running at 4K, 60fps. That thing is very powerful. It was that easy. I think we were expecting it to take a little longer than that, but no, it was a cinch.” – Jonathan Rogers, Path of Exile Lead Programmer, as quoted in **GamesRadar+

The Xbox One X isn’t out until November, but until then, you’ve got the new Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels, Minecraft Limited Edition, and Shadow of War Xbox bundles to enjoy!