Each week we’ll give you the low-down on the games that have been keeping the GGS Gamer staff busy on their consoles, PCs and handhelds.

Here’s what we’ve been playing this week …


  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4) – It’s to Ubisoft’s credit that Egypt’s stunning vistas are the less impressive part of this AC instalment; we’re so used to Ubisoft’s beautiful games stuffed with life and detail, it’s par for the course now. Origins offers an excellent blend of story and side missions, exploration and progression, wrapping it up in an engaging story with a likeable protagonist. If it’s not clear by now, I’m loving it.
  • South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole (PS4) – I still can’t quite believe these games exist, and so much of it looks – and feels – as though you’re living in a real episode. Though my love affair with the potty-mouthed foursome has waxed and waned over the years, there’s little denying the care and attention to detail squished into TFBW. I’m finding the combat a little tiresome – grid-based, turn-based stuff has never been my bag – but there’s a lot to enjoy outside of that. Another winner here, I think!


  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins (XB1) – I had been burned out on the series after Brotherhood and fell in love again with Syndicate two years ago. Here’s to hoping Origins keeps my interest intact!
  • Friday the 13th (PS4/XB1) – The addiction is real.
  • Ninja Gaiden Black (XB1) – Now that this masterpiece is backward compatible, I will play and replay forever and always! Played it so much and it’s easily one of my favorite games of all time


  • Titanfall 2 (PS4) – II already loved this game and the changes in the latest update have added some really cool new modes, bringing a specific focus to abilities like Holo-pilot that have bought a little more credence to them.
    The game is a near perfect shooter for me, high-paced gameplay and a system that rarely feels like players have an unfair advantage over you – and the majority of levels are so much fun.
  • Destiny 2 (PS4) – Finally jumped back in after finishing the game a couple of weeks ago. Unless you’ve got a party to jump into raids with, the game quickly falls into a sorry state. The public events provide dashes of fun, but not enough to have kept me interested so far.
    Obviously, the first expansion which was showcased at PlayStation’s conference in Paris will provide some fresh content for players in the coming months. And there is technically more stuff for me to do, but I can already feel Destiny 2 dropping by the way-side for my go-to games to play this year.


  • Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) – I’ve never really been a huge follower of Mario as I grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my Mega Drive. I was intrigued by this entry when Nintendo announced it back at the Switch Presentation. I’ve had trouble putting my Switch down, I’ve taken Mario and my Switch everywhere since I got it, I’ve racked up about 250 Moons and I haven’t even finished the game… I know there are at least 800 so I’m gonna be at this for a few weeks.


  • Magicarp Jump (Android) – I haven’t really had the time to play console games this week sadly. Magicarp Jump is a charming little game where I raise those famously useless fish and make them compete in jumping contests. Sounds silly but is rather fun and quite a time killer.


  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (PC) – I love Diablo! It’s my go-to game for when I want to relax and not think too much. There’s something incredibly soothing about slaughtering demons to such a beautiful soundtrack.
  • Shadow Hearts (PS2) – I hadn’t forgotten how much I love this game but I had forgotten how much I love this game. Someone needs to remaster this, seriously.
  • World of Warcraft (PC) – Did our weekly Tomb of Sargaras heroic clear on Wednesday. AFK’d, logged out.


  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (XB1) – Although I’ve been playing this game for review, it’s definitely something I would have played anyway. I love the Wolfenstein games, with exception to Wolfenstein (2009) which was a little shite, and more of an attempt of a remake of my favourite and beloved Return to Castle Wolfenstein. And with BJ as the hero’s name, what’s not to like.
  • Destiny 2 (PS4) – Although the lack of endgame content has put me off Destiny recently, I’ve still been logging on to do the nightfall and a few Crucible matches to hopefully RNG something useful.
  • Heroes of the Storm (PC) – Love myself some Heroes. Equal parts relaxation/rage, this MOBA is less toxic than Dota 2 and LoL, but it seems to be catching up.

How about you?

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