Welcome to GGS Gamer’s trophy guide for AER: Memories of Old. We’ve done all the hard work for you so sit back, pull up your PlayStation and watch those trophies roll in!

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  • Number of trophies: 21
  • Platinum: Yes
  • Missable trophies: One; Hide and Seek, but this can be obtained quickly on a second playthrough.

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Pilgrim (Platinum)
Explore the Land of Gods

This unlocks once you’ve received all other trophies in the game.

Attuned to the Spirits (Gold)
Speak to all of the spirit animals.

Find and interact with all of the spirit animals in the Land of Gods:

  • Bear – The bear can be found in a cave at the north end of the long land mass on the western side of Howling Peaks.
  • Deer – You will encounter this spirit animal during your playthrough. He is in the cave found in the trunk of the large tree in Lifla’s Sanctuary. It’s the same cave you unlock to get the key for the second temple.
  • Fox – The fox can be found inside a cave on the north side of the main land mass in the Split Mountain area. You’ll have go quite a way in to find him.

Cartographer (Gold)
Discover all areas of the map.

This will happen naturally as you play through the game. There are 11 areas that you need to visit in order to unlock this; The Settlement, Twilight Lake, Wintersong Falls, King’s Pass, Lifla’s Grove, Ruins of Onn, The Creator’s Shrine, Eastern Steps, Split Mountain, Howling Peaks and Roof of the World.

Mama? (Silver)
Get some Lambaby love.

Find a sheep at the village in The Settlement with baby lambs following it. If you get close enough, the lambs will run towards you with little hearts over their heads and the trophy will pop.

Hide and Seek (Silver)Missable!
Find Erin when she’s gone

Note: This one seems to be missable once you go past a certain point. I first tried to get this after I completed the second temple, and it didn’t pop. I managed to get it with no issue on my second playthrough.

Once you’ve left Karah’s Shrine at the beginning of the game and are able to fly, go to the village in The Settlement and speak to Daina, John and Erin. Go and grab the key for the first temple, then come back to the village and speak to the same three again. Now complete the first temple and once again return to the village and talk to them, once more (Erin is now lying on the base of a tree trunk, near the campfire). Now leave The Settlement completely, then re-enter and return to the village.

You should now find Erin hiding behind a bush near the sky boat, just to the south-east of the campfire. The trophy will pop when you talk to her.

Baa from the past (Silver)
Find the ancient Llamba

You can find this ‘frozen in time’ llamba (?) to the far north in the Roof of the Gods section of the map. If you’re facing north towards the entrance of the temple, go left and down the slope.

An Uninvited guest (Silver)
Find the Crab Island

You can find the crabs having a beach party on their little island just north-east of the village in The Settlement. It’s the first small floating island you come to.

In the belly of the beast (Silver)
Find the bones of an old beast

Find the ancient bones on the northernmost island in the King’s Pass.

Gaze into the abyss (Silver)
Find the dwellings of the rift cult

These are found on an island in the south-east of the Howling Peaks. You’ll need to enter the cave to get the trophy to pop.

Memorial (Silver)
Find the ancient battlefield

This is found north of the main island in Split Mountain. You’ll need to land to get the trophy.

Written in stone (Silver)
Find the chiseled stone map

It’s hard to tell from the map but the item you’re looking for is a small island floating just below and to the east of the large island.

Condor condo (Silver)
Find the giant birdshrine

This structure is just west of the main island in the Eastern Steps area.

Tails of Stone (Silver)
Find the statue of the fox

Find this statue on the northernmost island of the Eastern Steps.

Antlers of Stone (Silver)
Find the statue of the deer

The deer statue is located on the easternmost island of The Settlement.

Wings of Stone (Silver)
Find the statue of the crane

This one is found on the north-west island of Ruins of Onn.

Ripples on the surface (Silver)
Step into the well

You can find the well in the village in The Settlement. It’s just to the south of the campfire where you find Daina. Jump into the well to get the trophy.

Secret Trophies

The following trophies will be picked up during the course of the story and cannot be missed.

Light at the end of the tunnel (Silver)
Escape the collapsing cave.

People’s Haven (Gold)
Complete the Eventide Sanctuary.

Knowledge for Power (Gold)
Complete the The Archives.

Mausoleum of Ice (Gold)
Complete the The Monastery.

Equilibrium (Gold)
Complete the game.