Niantic wanted to pass along some news and stats from last week’s Pokemon GO Travel Global Catch Challenge and Tottori Safari Zone Event in Japan.

The global event wrapped up with a three-day Safari Zone event in Japan’s Tottori Sand Dunes which more than doubled the previous records for visitors to the area. Over 89,000 people came to the Tottori region to catch 12 million Pokemon (including the rare Pokemon, Unown). The regional government of the Tottori Prefecture have said that the three-day event brought in an estimated $16 million (18 billion Yen) in travel and tourism revenue.

Meanwhile, millions of Trainers from more than 140 countries participated in the Pokémon GO Travel Global Catch Challenge, where they came together to collectively catch over 3.36 billion Pokémon in under seven days. After this incredible milestone was reached, Farfetch’d began showing up worldwide, Kangaskhan was spotted in East Asia, and Ho-Oh started appearing in Raid Battles for the very first time. Now it’s your turn to get in on the action. Grab your friends and battle Ho-Oh in Legendary Raid Battles at Gyms near you before it disappears on December 12, 2017!