Crystal Dynamics is celebrating 25 years in the gaming industry with a new video, highlighting the quality of the games to come out of the studio, as well as the staff that worked on them.

The studio has developed and published more than 30 titles over the last 25 years and is best known for Gex, Legacy of Kain, and Tomb Raider. The studio attributes it’s success to the commitment and passion of the people working on their games.

“Crystal occupies a special place in the games industry. Over a third of our team have been with the studio for more than 5 years, and several have been here for more than 20 years, which makes us a tightly knitted team,” said Ron Rosenberg, Head of Studio. “Over the years, many industry luminaries have worked at Crystal and contributed to the creative culture that our current rock star developers embody and evolve. From the very beginning, we’ve shared a common goal of crafting incredible character-driven games, and 25 years later that flame of innovation burns brighter than ever.”

Crystal Dynamics is currently working with Marvel, on an Avengers project that was announced earlier this year.