There’s a special holiday event for WWE SuperCard – Season 4, where you can collect Candy Canes, Bells, Snowballs and Gingerbread from the game’s Draft Boards to create powerful new cards in a Holiday Fusion Chamber.

WWE Supercard

The Holiday Fusion Chamber is open from Thursday, December 14, 2017 to Tuesday, January 2, 2018, and will allow players to enter eight of a specific ingredient into the chamber to create one golden version. Once you’ve got eight of the same ingredient, you can put those into the chamber for a special Holiday Gift! Each ingredient makes a different Holiday Gift, and each pack contains different items:

  • Eight Golden Candy Canes = Blue Holiday Gift, three Bells
  •  Eight Golden Bells = Green Holiday Gift, three Snowballs and an exclusive holiday themed Superstar card (Hardened – Ultimate)
  • Eight Golden Snowballs = Red Holiday Gift, three Gingerbread and an exclusive holiday themed Superstar card (Ultimate – SummerSlam ’17)
  • Eight Golden Gingerbread = Gold Holiday Gift: Exclusive holiday themed Superstar card (Beast – Titan).

While you’re waiting for the chamber to open, two Holiday Ingredient Packs will be available in the Pack Store; Basic Holiday Ingredients contains six regular Ingredients for 100 Credits, whereas the Golden Holiday Ingredients contain six Golden Ingredients for 500 Credits. Festive Holiday card backs will also be added to both the BP and CP Stores, as well as some special Attitudes.

If that’s not enough, WWE SuperCard – Season 4 will see the Enhancement Limit increase from 50 to 75, and will grant players with 100 Credits to purchase their first Holiday Survival Kits containing some of these ingredients, as well as a holiday themed card back. With over 30 exclusive holiday themed Superstar cards available across nine tiers, there’s happy holidays for all!