Square Enix, unveiled a brand-new trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT at Jump Festa this weekend in Tokyo, Japan, showcasing the thrilling fast-paced action in the upcoming 3-v-3 team-based brawler.

Fans eager to begin practising Dissidia Final Fantasy NT can experience the action early by taking part in the Open Beta which will be available to all PlayStation 4 users from 12th – 21st January 2018. The Open Beta is the perfect opportunity for players to test their skills and experiment with different characters and techniques ahead of the game’s launch on 30th January. More details and timings for the Open Beta will follow at a later date.

Additionally, new artwork of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was unveiled, showcasing the powerful heroes and infamous villains of the Final Fantasy series that fans can look forward to playing as early next year.

Finally, an informative flowchart has been released, guiding players to finding which powerful summon will best compliment their team within the game. Summons are epic beasts and allies that can either boost your team’s abilities to victory or rain destruction down upon your enemies, and each one could play an integral role in a winning team’s strategy to victory.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be available for the PlayStation 4 30th January 2018.