It’s a one blob kind of world

The latest one-man made game has made its way to Steam, this time a game by the name of Unrect. The debut title from Sedate Games thrusts players into a 2D world that sees you take control of a small, blobby cube and tasks you to survive.

Along with surviving, Unrect challenges you pick up fellow blob people and keep them alive from other blob things that wear masks – this game has a lot of blob people. Unrect offers the usual survial tools, allowing players to dig and use the different environments they come across to construct temporary bases for their small colonial family. After you’ve gathered enough brickerbrack, you’ll be able to craft better defensive weapons that include turrets! Because nothing ays ‘leave us alone’ like a turret gun.

Unrect arrives on Steam today, January 18, costing around £2/$3, though the game will come with a 10% discount for its launch week.