It seems Senua’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing… right?

For those of you who didn’t have the Writers’ Guild Awards circled on you calendars, it took place on Monday, January 15. Among the many different categories was the award for Best Writing in a Video Game. And whilst the awards were shared between three titles, it was the sleeper hit Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice that stood out among the winners with its dark fantasy adventure in 2017.

Both writers, Elizabeth Ashman-Rowe and Tameem Antoniades received the award from Mata Haggis for their work on Hellblade. The award comes as the latest recognition for Ninja Theory’s title, which offered an atmospheric and, quite frankly, fucking spooky effective take on mental health.

Hellblade wasn’t the only one to pick up an award though, with the writing team behind Battlefield 1, and Mike Bithell, writer of Subsurface Circular also picking up accolades for their writing in games.