Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition has launched for PC, and will be storming its way to  Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch during Q3 2018.

An action-packed adventure game about an unlikely group of heroes, you’ve got Dante the cowboy, Elliot the wizard, and Malice the reaper – use their different abilities to solve puzzles and make their way out of trouble, as a single player, or as a local co-op mission with three friends!

Teamwork is essential in Grave Danger; each character must pull their weight and traverse the world to safety. Dante – the cowboy – is capable of climbing vertical walls. Malice – the reaper – can float horizontally across chasms, or through narrow and dangerous areas. Elliot – the wizard – has magical elevation and can double jump.


Core features include firewalls, thirty levels with the newest update, full controller and Big Picture support, three unique worlds, each with different enemies and puzzles, grades at the end of each level, prompting replayability to beat your high score, Wanted Posters as collectibles, and the most unusual – when players die, they respawn as ghosts, and must return to their graveyard (the game’s checkpoints) to revive, allowing more mobility to explore in this form.

There’s also an ultimate edition, which will add ten more levels (totaling thirty), a UI overhaul on the level selection screen, turrets firing purple projectiles that can harm characters, as well as green ones that can be used as a bounce pad. Plus, there’s platforms that rotate depending on which end the player stands, and a rideable bird that jumps and can run over spikes and other hazards.


Orignal owners of Grave Danger instantly received an upgrade on Steam today, but is otherwise being sold for £10 on Steam, or on BrightLocker for 100 gold, equivalent to $10, and $1 buys 10 Gold. Right now, if you buy a $9.99 Gold pack in the BrightLocker shop, with the current 20 gold bonus, you instantly receive the gold pack purchase, giving you enough gold to get Grave Danger Ultimate, Solar Gun, and a digital copy of The Under, by Iconic Games!