The not-so-final series churns out a new fighting game

Final Fantasy fans rejoice! You might’ve finished FF15, but Dissidia NT has arrived on PS4, allowing players to kick seven shades out of their favourite Final Fantasy villains using their favourite heroes from the series – take a look at all the brawly chaos in the trailer below.

Now, Japanese arcades have had Dissidia NT for a while, so you might want to hang back on the online matches for now, but Dissidia offers players the chance to recreate those epic battles usually only seen in the cutscenes of the JRPG franchise.

Giving you the choice of 28 characters to use, including the likes of Cloud, Zidane, Lightning, and… Tidus, you’ll bounce around like Dragonball characters on crack as you try to put the opposing team into the ground. Along with the character roster, Dissidia NT tries to entice players to play with your favourite summons making cameo appearances, with Bahumut, Ifrit, Shiva, along with a few other adorably destructive friends all showing up.

If you missed your chance to play the beta, Dissidia offers a fairly straightforward combat system, allowing new players to master the basics fairly quickly, though for those the game clicks with, there’s a decent amount of depth to the game, allowing you to experiment with different teams and find the best playstyle.

Now, as with every game these days, Dissidia has a season pass available, offering six new playable characters that haven’t been named yet, but according to Gematsu, the new characters might be four male and two female characters from across the Final Fantasy series.

You can get Dissidia Final Fantasy NT now for PS4 for £55/$60, with the deluxe edition costing £70/$85.