Mobius Final Fantasy is having a Final Fantasy 7 event where you can have the opportunity to play as Final Fantasy 7 main characters Sephiroth and Cloud.

From now until March 31, the new collaboration event, ‘Fatal Calling Part 1’, features an original story with appearances from Sephiroth and Cloud, along with a new materia system built specifically for Mobius Final Fantasy.

Fans can also summon and transform into the newest Ultimate Hero, Sephiroth. A new Legend Job, ‘Hero of Despair’, a new warrior-type Legend Job themed after the One-Winged Angel will also be available to summon.

Plus all-new Final Fantasy 7 themed quests and regions, and in addition to the ‘Fatal Calling Part 1’ event, ‘Sephiroth Descends’, players can enjoy more of the original story content through Part 2 and 3 of the ‘Fatal Calling’ story that opens on February 8, and February 15, respectively.