Here’s what ‘the man’ doesn’t want you to know

Didn’t get your fill of gaming news this week? Well, lucky for you we’ve gathered the biggest stories – and the strangest – for you to have a look through while you enjoy a nice cup of tea.

It’s been a strange old week for games, with everything from server closures to politicised demonisation of the industry, so let’s get you all caught up.

Trump Administration plans to tackle videogame violence

Usually this story would land firmly in the final “strange” story segment of the week. But, given the circumstances surrounding the planned meeting with members of the games industry, this story has quickly become legitimate news.

In the wake of the tragic Florida school shooting last month, Donald Trump set his sights on both the film industry and games industry, suggesting both were – to some degree – to blame for the spike in school shootings America has seen in the past years.

Both Kotaku and Eurogamer have reached out for further comments about the upcoming meeting, with Kotaku reporting that the Entertainment Software Association – who represent some of the biggest developers in the industry – have commented that no invitation has been made to them.

At the time of this story, there’s no indication as to what specifics will be covered, with Whitehouse spokesman Sarah Huckabee only commenting that the meeting would be used to ‘make sure we’re doing everything we can to protect schools across the country.’

Battlefield WW2 confirmed for this year

Sources at EA have confirmed to Venturebeat that the rumoured Battlefield titled “Battlefield V” will be set during World War Two.

Rather than being a direct reaction to the success of Battlefield 1, this year’s Battlefield setting was always the next step, according to EA insiders.

So, it seems that literally every shooter has decided WW2 is the place to be. Please Respawn, please start making Titanfall 3 soon.

Demon Souls kills its servers to death

The game that laid the groundwork for the Dark Souls series – Demon Souls became an instant hit with players since releasing in 2009 and prompted developer From Software to keep the game’s online modes alive for nine long years.

But, like all things, it had to come to an end. This was the final week players still diving into the grim RPG were able to enjoy the online modes of the game. With co-op modes and invasions now disabled, players can still ‘enjoy’ the offline mode, and if you’re looking to fill that nine-year hole that Demon Souls has left, you can finally mmake a start on Dark Souls, yay?

PS Plus monthly games changes

Speaking of death, Sony have also decided to kill off some of the monthly games it includes for PS Plus members. From March 8, 2019, Sony will no longer include titles for PS3 or PS Vita, choosing instead to focus on the games it includes for PS4 players.

Similar to the Demon Souls news, it’s a move that affects a relatively small number of players, but one that seems to put the final nail in the coffin of a very divisive lifetime of Sony’s last-gen console.

PS Plus Games | GGS Gamer

Whether this means the line-up for the PS4 monthly games will larger in number or include more popular isn’t yet known – but what is known is what’s included in March’s PS Plus games line-up!

The PS Plus free games line-up is mad – March mad

Being a PS Plus member has been a bit of a roller-coaster in recent months. It was last August that Sony decided to increase the price of its membership, followed by months that included he like of Metal Gear Solid 5, Just Cause 3, That’s You – even though literally no one asked for it, and… Knack.

But, after an excruciatingly disappointing lineup for February, Sony have come out with arms fully wind milling, their eyes closed, screaming at the top of their lungs. Why? Well, because March’s line-up boasts perhaps the most comprehensive bundle of free games that PS4 players have had.

With Bloodborne – which our Sarah recently managed to platinum, Sony classic Ratchet & Clank, horror indie title Claire, and… Mighty Number Nine, this month’s line-up looks to be a very hard one to beat.