Ever wondered how those realistic looking race tracks are created? Milestone the developers of MotoGP18 have released a new video showcasing the technology and techniques used to scan and capture the real-life locations and MotoGP Riders, and how they are then placed inside the virtual world of the game itself.

Featuring the use of drones and laser scanning tech, you get to see how all that information is transformed into the virtual world that us players get to race around. It’s a really great eye-opener for how much behind-the-scenes work takes place to create the smallest details of the actual race track. All the tracks in the MotoGP series have been faithfully recreated in a 1:1 scale so that you can get as close to experiencing the thrill of motorbike racing without having to don the leathers and get on the bike yourself.

MotoGP18 will be released on June 7, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/STEAM, launching shortly after on Nintendo Switch.