Blizzard’s latest expansion arrives April 26

Ahead of the new single-player expansion Monster Hunter on April 26, Blizzard have released some new images of what’s in store for players. If you’ve been chomping at the bit for some new information about Monster Hunter, well here you go.

The Witchwood expansion will introduce four new monster hunters, each boasting unique powers, and treasures to collect – so it’s quite handy that you’ll be able to replay the expansion as many times as you want to hoover up any treasure you may have missed.

The Witchwood has you hot on the trail of… well, a witch. Hagatha leads you on a merry chase through the woods where you’ll have to overcome a series of bosses to firstly build up a new deck and then – hopefully, make Hagatha pay for making you trudge all the way through the wood.

Hearthstones’ Witchwood expansion arrives on April 26