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What, are you looking for a way to jazz up your game of Minecraft? Want to change the way you look as a character? Looking for some skins for Minecraft? Well, then you have come to the right place to learn how to do that!

Playing as the default character called Steve is so showing that you are a noob – and who can possibly want to be a noob? No one! This is why you definitely need to download a couple of some extraordinary skins for Minecraft – to look all mysterious and cool!

If you had never played Minecraft before, then you should know that there are two default “skins” for all the players – one called Steve and his newer, more feminine side side, Alex. You can use them if you are playing on Single Player Minecraft because no one gives a second thought to what you look like if it’s only you in the game! However, if you are playing on a server, you are joining the Minecraft community and that’s where you should to show off as best as you can!

So, how do you change your skin in Minecraft?

Well, there is a couple of different ways that you can change the way your character looks with. One, you can simply download a skin from the Internet and two, you can create a custom one!

Skins can be added if you play on the PC, Pocket Edition, an Xbox or a Playstation. Of course, the number of skins you can choose from varies because every edition has its special ones, but we hope that this post will give you a rough idea of what it all can look like.

Step 1. Browse the web for a skin and then download it

Go to a website that enables you to download a skin (or a set skins) off of it and play around with your options. Once you made up your mind, go ahead and click that download button! The file will be saved as .png – that is a standard format for all the skin files.

Step 2. Go ahead to the official Minecraft website (

Log in to your profile there by filling the ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields in. You can find them if you click on the ‘Profile’ button at the right corner of the webpage. Once you typed your information in, click ‘Sign in’.

Step 3. Upload your newly downloaded skin to the official Minecraft website

After you have completed the log in process, locate and then press the ‘Browse’ button. Doing so will take you to the folders that store all the files you have on your computer. Locate the skin file you have downloaded and press ‘Select’. Then click hit the Upload’ button and wait for the confirmation message pop up on your computer screen.

Step 4. Run the game of Minecraft file and see how your skin looks on you!

You are nearly done! The only thing you have left to do is to go and open the actual game and check out your new look! If the game file is open on the background, then you have to close it and then open it again. After doing so, the world you play in will be loaded. Then press the F5 key – that one is responsible for giving you the opportunity to look at your character from all the different angles!

Step 5. Customize your skin in the game!

Once in the game, you can proceed your makeover process simply by adding some extra items on your characters! Such items can be hats, coats, jackets – anything! Nothing needs to be installed in order for you to do so, so go ahead and play with your options for as long as you would like to!

If you are interested, then go ahead and open the ‘Options’ menu. Once there, press the the ‘Skin Customization’ button in order for all the wonderful things to be available to you.

Have fun playing the game and let us know which skin has turned out to become your favorite one!