It’s not full of quirky West Country folk, sorry

After a fairly lengthy build up, Bethesda have finally put their latest expansion to ESO: Summerset into Early Access for Mac and PC. Console players won’t have to wait too long to get their exploring boots back on either, with the full launch of Summerset coming on June 6.

The new island gives way to new skills from the spooky Psijic Order – which may or may not involve the ability to bend time, a brand-spanking new storyline, new crafting skills in the shape of jewellery making – which you then presumable go and sell with your BFF at the local market during the weekend, and all alongside the new updates for version 18.

The Summerset Isle – for one reason or another – hasn’t made an appearance in an Elder Scroll game since 1994 – and in that time, it’s gone under a bit of a refurbishment, now showing off lush forests and the obligatory caves.

PC and Mac players can get involved with Summerset right now, with the full release coming to PC, Mac, and PS4 on June 6.

Are you looking forward to the Summeset expansion? Let us know why (or why not) in the comments!