If you’re not currently playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds due to taking a break or some other reason you may not be aware of the latest update. PUBG Xbox Game Preview players can now experience the vast, open desert of Miramar on live servers as part of the Spring update.

Miramar is a desert-themed map dotted with large, densely built towns, rocky hills and wide-open expanses add an all-new battle royale gameplay experience for players. Along with this new map comes an assortment of new weapons including the R45 revolver, the Win94 lever-action rifle, and the sawn-off shotgun, as well as vehicles specially designed for the barren terrain of Miramar – the 6-seat van and off-road pickup truck.

In addition to Miramar and its new weapons and vehicles, the development team continues to improve optimisation and stability throughout the entire PUBG Xbox Game Preview experience. Players will continue to see regular updates that improve terrain and building interior load times upon landing, as well as reduced instances of crashing and instability across the entire game.