Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have released the newest expansion for Cities: Skylines – Parklife. Celebrate the start of summer with stunning new parks, playgrounds, zoos, green spaces, and new ways to play, thanks to the park area tool, five new maps, a ton of new assets, and level up features that increase your park’s property values.

We’ve got the 3D trailer and other videos of the 3D assets below for you:

Cities is also getting a new radio station: Country Road Radio, with 16 new songs from Appalachian Folk, Bluegrass/Honky Tonk, Nashville Modern Country, and Unplugged country. In addition to this, Cities: Skylines will also get a free PC update, including a new tourism panel, trees that reduce noise pollution, a camera mode upgrade, new tourist models, and new modding features, including submeshmodding, and an improved camera system so users can control the camera with scripts.

Finally, the launch trailer is also below, for your enjoyment:

What are you planning to do with your new city? Let us know in the comments.