Country Road, take me home…

After a stress-inducing tweet yesterday that simply read “Please Stand By” Bethesda have finally announced the next stop in the Fallout series, this time coming in the rather good-looking package of Fallout 76.

There’s not much to go on in the trailer (cue hundreds of YouTube videos with names like “85 Things you missed in the trailer”) as it only shows off some static scenes of a bedroom, factory, and the iconic vault suit, this time showing off the number 76.

The only other thing we know from the trailer is that the next Fallout instalment will be set in West Virginia. So, we can probably look forward to running through radioactive fields of… corn, or whatever goes on there.

As for a release date, nothing was shown in the trailer and with E3’s siren call growing ever closer, Bethesda’s conference seems like it’ll be the setting for a release date reveal. And, with no details on what platforms the game will release on, playing Fallout 76 on a Switch can’t be ruled out just yet.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the new setting? Were you hoping it would be set somewhere else? Let us know in the comments.