Who needs a $30 million budget when you have heart?

It’s been a busy week in games, and not just in the “new Fallout game” kind of way. So, if you’ve been looking for the latest movings and/or shakings of the indie world, you’ve come to the right place.

Robo Revolt Scheduled: Insane Robots get a Release Date

Just when you thought you were safe from the robot rebellion of Detroit: Become Human, here comes Playniac with a whole other uprising of their own in their battle card game Insane Robots.

Having remained fairly tight lipped over a release date, only giving a vague launch date during Rezzed, we’ve now got a solid date for the revolution, with Insane Robots set to arrive for PC and console on July 12.

Originally created as a table-top game, Insane Robots offers up a Saturday morning television design, with a massive 15 hour campaign, and 46 available robots – some insane, others not so insane – to play as, and a system that’s described as a traditional card system only “hacked.”

You’ll be able to get your human hands on Insane Robots for £16/$16 or the deluxe edition for £23/$23 which includes the planed six DLC packages.

Don’t Leave: Stay Arrives on Xbox One

Remember tamagotchis? Remember the feeling of looking after a digital companion, how fun was that!? Well, Stay is a bit like a tamagotchi – except your digital pet is a man called Quinn who’s been kidnapped and needs you to keep him safe and sane… fun, see?

Becoming something of a cult-hit since arriving on Steam for PC and Mac, Stay is now clambering onto the console scene, with an Xbox release arriving yesterday.

Stay will have you thinking twice about leaving the room to make a cup of tea or switching the game off, as it plays out in real time. So, even when you pause or switch the game off, Quinn’s there, presumably suffering – and when you come back to enjoy a little voyeurism, you’ll be greeted with a panicked character begging you not to leave him again.

With gameplay that’ll have you spying on Quinn using webcams, offering advice through comments, and helping him solve puzzles, Stay offers up a claustrophobic psychological experiment that’ll leave players uneasily playing an influetial role in the making or breaking of their pixelated pet.

You can pick Stay up on Xbox One for £12/$12 today on the Microsoft Store, and for a discounted price on Steam until June 6.

False Start: Blessed Online’s Producers Apoligises for the Rocky Start

Blessed Online, touted as being the next big MMO had something of a rocky start when it launched in early access this week, with players experiencing pretty severe server issues that had them waiting for bloody ages before getting a look at the game.

But fair play to the game’s team though as executive producer Sungjin Ko addressed the issues to the community, offering an apology for the early issues, and saying:

“Bless Online’s Early Access was always intended to be a growing experience, with systems and content being added in the weeks and months ahead; this is why we chose the Steam Early Access program. We are sincerely sorry that our players were led to believe otherwise, and we are happy to allow refunds for those who feel they cannot wait for the new content to arrive.”

Along with the apology, Ko listed the fixes that the team have already put in place as well as the other issues they’re working on, with an item duplication bug in their cross hairs.

The team have launched a set of new servers in the hope to bring a touch more stability to the game, and are currently rolling out some maintenance on the account inbox issues that other players are facing.

Games on the Go: Football Empire Arrives on Mobile

Who doesn’t want all the stress of managing a bunch of egotistical football players whilst also trapped in a train on the morning commute!?

That’s exactly what you’ll be getting with the new mobile strategy game Football Empire from Digamore. Bringing in Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp as the face of the game, Football Empire will have you taking charge of a team, taking them from the small time to the glitz, glamour, and tragedy of the big league.

I just hope that the game has pixelated parents who come to your office and say ‘Come on coach, my kid just wants to play ball, give him a chance!’ as their eyes slowly fill with tears.

Football Empire is out now for both iPhone and Android.

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