There’s a storm coming…

EA closed their conference with a deeper look at Anthem, showing off a new story trailer and some new co-op gameplay.

Whilst Bioware used the opportunity to try and distance the game from being a Destiny clone, with an emphasis on world-building and a deep narrative, you can’t help but see some major common ground between the titles as well.

Bioware confirmed that Anthem will have fully customisable characters, with players able to switch out different parts of their exo-suits, known as Javelins.

The gameplay we saw showed off some four-player co-op, with a mixture of exploration, investigation, and shooting all making an appearance – oh, we also saw a disgusting giant bug alien… thing.

Anthem will be coming out on February 22, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What did you make of the trailer and gameplay, are you excited for Anthem or do you think it’ll be a bit of a misfire? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @ggsgamer.