We got our first look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – other than its surrounding merchandise, with the trailer showing our new protagonist being thrown from a cliff as a child before surviving and growing up – presumably becoming a tad pissed off in that time.

As we learnt in the leak last week, Odyssey will be set in Ancient Greece, amidst a war that you’ll need to bring an end to. You’ll do this using the broken spear of Leonidus – who I’m pretty sure is the guy from 300, but I might be wrong.

The presentation, showed off players being able to take control of either a male or female character, with other decisions and actions affecting the game’s journey – or so they say.

We also saw that players will be able to carry out different dialogue choices, with the footage showing off a player lying to Socrates.

Much of the gameplay looks incredibly similar to Origins, with the same combat system returning, a similar traversal style, and pretty much the same HUD, and skill tree. Which isn’t surprising, the overhaul in those mechanics were welcome ones, so it makes sense that Odyssey has carried those over.

And then we saw an minatour, before the game’s October 5 release date was confirmed.

This story is developing, we’ll have more up soon!