You’ll talk. Everybody talks… eventually

Welcome back to another Community Q! The time of the week where we forget about the unsettling sub-header and get your opinion on a different topic each and every week! So, get your opinions and anecdotes at the ready, because this week we’ve got something everyone has an answer for.

Community Q: Which games were you too scared to finish?

With the first chunk of gameplay for the Resident Evil 2 Remake out in the world, we got to see a totally revamped RCPD building, giving the much-loved title a new shiny lease of life – wait that’s not shine, it’s just blood and sweat.

Anyway, since that gameplay and trailer was released, the GGS Slack has been taken over by us talking about the scary games we loved – but just didn’t have the courage to finish – well, everyone except me (John) because I’m fucking solid…

But it made us want to know, which games were you too scared to finish? Did Resi 7 do a number on you? Was Fatal Frame a little too fatal? Did… Echo the Dolphin cause some substantial trauma that had you constantly running downstairs to see if your family was indeed still there? Well, whatever the game and whatever the reason, we want to know! So, let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @ggsgamer.

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