Hot new map Molten Falls now live.

Early Access shooter Quake Champions has received a new map update in the form of the ‘The Molten Falls’ a volcanic lava-soaked map based in the dimension of doom. The new arena of death is available now in all Ranked and Unranked gameplay modes except Sacrifice.

Featuring rocky, cliff-like scenery that emphasizes the verticality of its setting, wide lanes, and ample lines of sight, the Molten Falls offers new challenges and tactics for new and veteran players alike.

Announced during Bethesda’s E3 show, Quake Champions was also available for a limited free-to-play trial, so that as many people as possible to could jump in and have a go fragging online opponents.

Accompanying the new map, this PC shooter is also offering Player Rename Tokens, purchasable in the Quake Store with each token good for one name change. So if you made your first name in a hurry, and want to switch to something more suiting your personality, now’s your chance.